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To further serve their clients, Heartland Bank has partnered with Sandstone Wealth Management, led by the vision of Hugh Wilkins. Sandstone Wealth Management provides full-service securities, brokerage, and advisory services to assist each client with their needs for investing, financial planning, and estate planning. Hugh’s presence, philosophy, and attention to customer service have been the focus of Sandstone Wealth Management.

Wealth Management

Building an investment portfolio can be a complex endeavor. In addition to monitoring market conditions and the progress of your investments, your advisor at Sandstone Wealth Management will be there when life events call for adjustments, making sure you stay on track. No matter what you’re investing for, we collaborate with you to develop a wealth management plan based on your goals, timeline and risk tolerance.


The first step in establishing a plan customized to meet your needs is clearly defining your goals, and our advisors will make thoughtful recommendations that align with your goals. Working with Sandstone Wealth Management means you will have more than a portfolio – you will know where you’re going and have a plan to help you get there.

Retirement Planning

There’s so much more to retirement these days than simply not working. The possibilities are boundless. Your Sandstone Wealth Management consultant will help you envision the specifics of the retirement lifestyle you want, and help you develop a plan that’s just as specific to turn those dreams into reality.

The retirement planning process continues into your retirement years. We will work with you to develop an income stream designed to last a lifetime and help ensure a secure and comfortable retirement. Your Sandstone Wealth Management advisor can guide you on when to start collecting Social Security, how to maximize your benefit and what to do if you choose to go back to work.

Estate & Charitable Planning

There is a tendency to think legacy planning can wait until later in life. But if you have a vision for the future – and how you want it to unfold – the surest way to protect that vision is through comprehensive planning.

A carefully crafted plan can account for your family, your beneficiaries, your business, your favorite charities, your wealth and, most importantly, your wishes. Effective legacy planning combines choosing the right vehicles – wills, trusts, insurance and more – with the prudent selection, balance and placement of investments.

Your Sandstone Wealth Management consultant can help ensure your wishes are implemented.

College Planning

With all the decisions that new parents face, one important decision that’s often unintentionally overlooked in those early stages is planning for your child’s college education. With tuition rates rising, it should be at the top of every parent’s planning list, no matter what the child’s age. You have big dreams for the child in your life. Don’t let a lack of planning sidetrack those aspirations.


Although it is best to start the college investment process when your child is young, it is never too late to begin. What’s important is that you plan now. It is easy to put off thinking about these expenses, hoping that your child will receive scholarships or financial aid. While these awards do help with college funding, they are not guaranteed, not always comprehensive and not available to everyone. Sandstone Wealth Management consultants are here to assist. Our knowledge and professional guidance can help you give your child the opportunity for the bright future he or she deserves.

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College Planning
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